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BE IN SHAPE Wellness Club in Burwood is a comfortable, effective and fun alternative to conventional exercise.

Our 60-minute individual sessions on Shapemaster’s stations are not only affordable but suitable for everybody regardless of your size, shape or level of fitness.

Great atmosphere with soothing music and friendly people – a really holistic experience for your mind and body with amazing results guaranteed!

Price for Shapemaster exercises:

$20 per session  (casual visits)


8 Shapemaster sessions – $120 ($15 per session)

The first session is free and you can book your session by texting/calling Kate on 0488 211 877, sending an email: [email protected] or press the button below:

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Opening hours

Monday – Friday:
8.30am-2.30pm & 4.00pm – 8.00pm

8.00 am -12.00pm

Closed on Sundays, Public Holidays, and Christmas break (Monday 21st of December- Sunday 3th of January)

What to bring: socks & a small towel

Our Address:

16 Burwood Hwy, Burwood, 3125

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Be in Shape Burwood Wellness Club
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Tasha Peggie
Tasha Peggie
good workout and relaxing
Lu Lu
Lu Lu
I found ‘be in shape’ by accident and I am so happy I did! The treatments are amazing and the staff are so friendly... and knowledgeable! I attend the studio every Monday and I have fat cavitation and Thermopressotherapy!! My skin has never look this good! Thank you Kate for everything you do! Xxxread more
Betty Cooper
Betty Cooper
I had a great and stress-free experience with this wellness club. I tried their shape master and you don't have to... worry about not being able to do the exercises because their equipment will help you do the things you can't. It's just a wonderful experience! 🥰read more
Olga Tatarynova
Olga Tatarynova
I was looking for toning tables in Melbourne as had similar sessions before moving to AU. Was not lucky untill... occasionally saw Club advert. Visited last Saturday , one month unlimited only for $20! Was very satisfied with my first more
Susi Balgowan
Susi Balgowan
This is the worst Pilates studio I have ever been too. The staff is constantly on the phone speaking russian and then... they have Russian music or 60's music playing... obviously their type of music. The staff don't help or educate clients at all. They constantly send u sms to get u to join and when ure there they pressure u to join during ure work out. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I lasted 1 month 🤔read more
Rhondda King
Rhondda King
An inviting atmosphere, the workouts are as gentle or energetic as you please working against the machines' resistance.... Katey and Vera are genuinely welcoming and helpful. After three months, I have better flexibility and core strength - can go any time that suits me within the 8 hour/6 day options, and it's great value! Fantastic value - highly recommended particularly if you're looking for an enjoyable way to improve overall more
Anne Kemp
Anne Kemp
Be in Shape offers a fantastic all inclusive work out without the sweat, in a really comfortable space with great... tasteful music, in a warm friendly environment. Kate and Vera are friendly, helpful and very encouraging offering suggestions to gain better value from the sessions. The exercise machines are near new, easy to use with varying speeds..One Physiotherapist I know is so taken with this system, she not only uses it herself but highly recommends it as well. There are several other health professionals who are regular attendees. For me it’s an easy 45 minutes, hours to suits Mums and working people AND because you’re not sweaty you don’t need to shower before you go to work, or out for the evening. How good is that? It’s super effective and after only 1 month I am seeing positive results. I’m sold! They also offer free trials, what do we have to lose? Both my sisters and I are really impressed!read more
Debbora Elian
Debbora Elian
I am in my 50’s and have always struggled to put on weight and develop muscle. I have had chronic migraines and back... pain most of my life. I enjoy doing the power-assisted platies three mornings a week before work. This helps improve my ability to work all day. I have been delighted to discover my muscles toning and building. My migraines have decreased in frequency and intensity and I now have more range of motion in my back. I can’t praise this system enough, the beds are comfortable, safe, clean and user-friendly. I will never go back to a regular more
Sviatlana Starr
Sviatlana Starr
It is a great place if you are looking for a pleasant and almost relaxing workout. The staff is always available to... assist, very friendly and helpful. The machines that you will use there are to tone up and strengthen your body. After the workout I felt re-energised instead of feeling exhausted. If you don't like going to the gym, definitely try this place!read more
Natasha Lukin
Natasha Lukin
I had a preview of the Club and am very much impressed! Not just the equipment which is the best - and I used it in... different settings since 2004. But Katya created a great ambience, very inviting and professional at the same time. Of course I already enrolled. And what about you? Don’t waste your time. Come to the Open Day and try it. You will be glad you did!read more
Be In Shape Reviews

No Sweat, No Stress, No Strain – Just Enjoy a Fitter and Healthier You!


This highly effective and non-invasive detoxifying treatment, which through infrared heat and lymphatic massage, helps to promote the body’s natural toxin clearing functions.  Thermopressotherapy revitalizes and oxygenates body tissues and helps to redefine legs, stomach, and arms while enhancing skin tone. Recommended for the treatment of cellulite.

The therapeutic effects of heat decrease joint stiffness, reduce pain and relieve muscle spasms and inflammation. and can also be beneficial to those with rheumatoid arthritis, stiff muscles, fibromyalgia, and injuries.

More information and price

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation a non-invasive painless treatment that shapes the body, eliminates fat and reduces cellulite, with results similar to liposuction but without surgery. It reduces stubborn fatty pockets that just won’t go away with diet and exercise.

Benefits of Ultrasound Fat cavitation:

  • allows you to contour your body
  • target specific areas
  • helps reduce and removes cellulite
  • pain-free with no downtime
  • quick and effective results.
more information and price

Radiofrequency skin tightening is a non-invasive treatment which is used to boost the performance of collagen and elastin cells to give healthy, smooth and youthful skin. It is a non-surgical treatment used to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Radio Frequency Treatment has been used for many decades for a variety of medical applications. It is also very effective as a preventative measure for those who are experiencing the first signs of aging.

more information and price

Relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, relieves muscular tension, plus improves circulation and range of movement.  This is the style of massage you’ll find performed at day spas. Your therapist will aim to relax, revive and rejuvenate you at a massage depth that does not cause discomfort. Swedish massage is probably the best-known form of relaxation massage.

More information and price

LED Light Therapy uses light-emitting diode technology to activate and promote collagen production and increase the rate of skin cell renewal. Enhanced collagen production greatly reduces fine lines and improves the overall texture of the epidermis, resulting in a more youthful, radiant appearance. LED is the only aesthetic device that has no contra-indications of any kind. It is good for all skin types, colors, and conditions. It is safe for the eyes and it cannot be overused. LED is great for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving uneven skin tone, reducing pores size, brightening the skin and rejuvenating the youthful look of your skin.

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shapemaster to get fit

ShapeMaster System

Unlike conventional exercise equipment, Shapemaster does not rely exclusively on muscle power but uses an electronic power system that enables users to work passively or actively, depending on your ability

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conventional exercise for everybody

Who Will Benefit?

These machines are gentle yet very effective. You can push yourself to whatever level works for you and you will be pleasantly surprised how much they tone and strengthen your body.

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get fot with shapemaster

Proven Results

Originally developed and used for helping with recovery and rehabilitation from strokes, MS, diabetes and other injuries and illnesses, the machines continue to be an invaluable and resourceful way of exercising in a controlled manner.

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