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Our set of five Powertone Toning Tables continues to set the standard as the world’s number one power assisted exercise program. But now it also incorporates Pilates – two unique systems in one, working your body smart, not hard!

The set of five tables is a system for people who prefer the easier, gentler approach to exercise. The Pilates method concentrates on strengthening the deep postural muscles and re-addressing muscle imbalance. By doing so, it increases flexibility and strength whilst improving posture and body awareness. The Pilates technique makes an ideal partner for the easytone equipment.

Hipster – like a ” Swim Kick” movement the hipster works the hips and buttocks and provides a gentle lower back exercise
Tummy crunch – Works the abdominals and lower back
Posture toner – Excellent for improving posture which benefits the chest, shoulders and upper back area as triceps and waist line
Waist away – A great workout for the oblique muscles, creating a firm flat tummy and narrow waist line
Flies and thighs – firms the inner and outer thighs, helps to develop, improve and shape the chest and shoulders as well as increasing mobility in the hip and shoulder joints

Waist Away

The Waist Away machine is a great exercise targeting the oblique muscles, creating a narrow waistline whilst firming and flattening the abdomen. This unique exercise combination increases blood circulation and trunk flexibility while eliminating those “love handle” bulges.
Benefits include:

  • Improves lung function
  • Helps reduce back pain
  • Improves posture

Target Areas:

  • Waist
  • Obliques

Tummy Crunch

The Tummy Crunch machine increases muscle strength of the abdominals and lower back whilst mobilising both hip and knee joints, and buttocks.
Benefits include:

  • Tightens the abdominal muscles
  • Improves posture and balance
  • Helps prevent / reduce back pain

Target Areas:

  • Abdominals
  • Lower Back


The Hipster machine provides a great exercise for the hips and buttocks facilitating a gentle lower back exercise. It specifically tones and tightens the waist, stomach and hips whilst strengthening the muscles in the lower back.
Benefits include:

  • Tightens the buttocks
  • Strengthens and flattens the stomach

Target Areas:

  • Hips
  • Buttocks

Fly and Thigh

The Fly and Thigh machine helps improve the mobility of the hips. The outward movement of the thighs encourages activation of the abductor muscles around the hip joint, important for balance and walking.
Benefits include:

  • Improved leg strength in the posterior deltoid area

Target Areas:

  • Hip
  • Posterior Deltoid
  • Thigh

Posture Pullover

The Posture Pullover machine exercises and tones the entire upper body. By lifting the rib cage, improved posture and shoulder flexibility is achieved. It also increases muscle strength of the abdomen and lower back whilst mobilising the hip and knee joints, and buttocks. This is a great machine for releasing the tension of everyday life.
Benefits include:

  • Improves shoulder flexibility
  • Improves balance and posture

Target Areas:

  • Upper and Lower Back
  • Abdominal muscles
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