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Shapemaster Powertone

Our set of five Powertone Toning Tables continues to set the standard as the world's number one power assisted exercise program. But now it also incorporates Pilates - two unique systems in one, working your body smart, not hard! The set of five tables is a system for people who prefer the easier, gentler approach to exercise. The Pilates method concentrates on strengthening the deep postural muscles and re-addressing muscle imbalance. By doing so, it increases flexibility and strength whilst improving posture and body awareness. The Pilates technique makes an ideal partner for the easytone equipment. Hipster – like a " Swim Kick" movement the hipster works the hips and buttocks and provides a gentle lower back exercise Tummy crunch – Works the abdominals and lower back Posture toner – Excellent for improving posture which benefits the chest, shoulders and upper back area as triceps and waist line Waist [...]

Shapemaster Easytone

The set of six Easytone machines do not rely exclusively on muscle power. Instead, with a motor and gearbox, Easytone machines work the muscles rather than you working the machine. With smooth movements that motorised performance brings to exercise, users can exercise confidently. Almost anyone and everyone can exercise regardless of their physical condition and within their own normal and often limited functional range of movement Waist away – this unique exercise combination provides double fast results to create a slim waist and firm abdominals Side bend-stepper – works the heart and lungs to strengthen your metabolic rate and burn fat Seated climber – improves posture and shapes, defines and strengthens the upper back, shoulder and thighs Flies and thighs – firms the inner and outer thighs, helps to develop, improve and shape the chest and shoulders as well as increasing mobility in the hip and shoulder joints Tummy crunch [...]

Tissue Tightening Technologies: Fact or Fiction

Abstract Skin laxity is associated with chronological aging and exposure to solar radiation. The authors summarize the advantages and limitations of current laser, light-, and radiofrequency (RF)-based technologies purported to treat skin laxity by effecting heat-induced collagen contraction and subsequent remodeling during the months after treatment. Although penetration of laser or broadband light to the deep dermal layers is limited because of scattering of the light by epidermal melanin, a new device in which broadband infrared light is minimally scattered may overcome these limitations. RF energy offers a treatment alternative that has not only been proven to promote collagen contraction and remodeling but also is not scattered by epidermal constituents. Recently launched devices that use combinations of optical and RF energy achieve clinical benefits at lower and therefore safer levels of energy, with only mild pain and few adverse effects. A combined infrared-RF device takes maximum advantage of both [...]

Histological and Ultrastructural Effects of Ultrasound-induced Cavitation on Human Skin Adipose Tissue

Abstract Background: In aesthetic medicine, the most promising techniques for noninvasive body sculpturing purposes are based on ultrasound-induced fat cavitation. Liporeductive ultrasound devices afford clinically relevant subcutaneous fat pad reduction without significant adverse reactions. This study aims at evaluating the histological and ultrastructural changes induced by ultrasound cavitation on the different cell components of human skin. Methods: Control and ultrasound-treated ex vivo abdominal full-thickness skin samples and skin biopsies from patients pretreated with or without ultrasound cavitation were studied histologically, morphometrically, and ultrastructurally to evaluate possible changes in adipocyte size and morphology. Adipocyte apoptosis and triglyceride release were also assayed. Clinical evaluation of the effects of 4 weekly ultrasound vs sham treatments was performed by plicometry. Results: Compared with the sham-treated control samples, ultrasound cavitation induced a statistically significant reduction in the size of the adipocytes (P < 0.001), the appearance of micropores and triglyceride leakage and release in the [...]

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