Tissue Tightening Technologies: Fact or Fiction

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Abstract Skin laxity is associated with chronological aging and exposure to solar radiation. The authors summarize the advantages and limitations of current laser, light-, and radiofrequency (RF)-based technologies purported to treat skin laxity by effecting heat-induced collagen contraction and subsequent remodeling during the months after treatment. Although penetration of

Histological and Ultrastructural Effects of Ultrasound-induced Cavitation on Human Skin Adipose Tissue

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Abstract Background: In aesthetic medicine, the most promising techniques for noninvasive body sculpturing purposes are based on ultrasound-induced fat cavitation. Liporeductive ultrasound devices afford clinically relevant subcutaneous fat pad reduction without significant adverse reactions. This study aims at evaluating the histological and ultrastructural changes induced by ultrasound cavitation on

Clinical study of Body contouring by focused ultrasound.

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Abstract BACKGROUND: The removal of unwanted body fat using a noninvasive technique is desirable to patients and physicians. The authors describe a controlled, multicenter, clinical trial assessing the safety and efficacy of a focused therapeutic ultrasound device for noninvasive body contouring. METHODS: Eligible healthy adult subjects were enrolled to